Self Portrait

Me, Myself and I
A Self-Portrait Study by Designers

Held at SEU Fine Arts Gallery Austin, Texas, Me, Myself and I exhibition invited over 30 Designers from across the globe to examine and interpret the theme of self-portraiture from a social, political or psychological point of view. The resulting exhibition featured their diverse perspectives.

My contribution represents the two worlds that I inhabit every day – the outer: the world’s perceived view, and the inner: my psyche. The visualisation illustrates the complexity of my innermost self with each data point/stroke signifying the existence of an emotion or thought and how they relate to each other at any given moment in time. During moments of heightened anxiety, cognitive dissonance, or excitement the strokes are greater in frequency, creating a rich and dense arrangement. During moments of contentment there is greater distance between each stroke, creating a visual pause amongst the ‘noise’.

The spectrum of colour is a simple representation of one of my defining outward features: my hair, which separates (or hides!) all of my complexity from the physical world.