Design Future

Design Future
Celebrating Women in Design

In 2016, Google and AIGA teamed up to create the first ever annual design census. The results, published in early 2017, celebrated over 9,500 contributions from designers across the globe who shared their views on cultural, economic, and social factors influencing their discplines and roles in the design industry.

As a female designer, I wanted to understand on a deeper lever what the future of my profession might look like. Using the data collected from all other female contributors, this piece celebrates the future of design from the perspective of all women who completed the survey.

Each data point represents the total 3,371 answers collected under the theme of 'Design Future'. The organic shape of the data points act as visual metaphors, representing the diversity and varied attributes of each contributor such as ethnicity, skill level, and cultural background. The typographic overlay highlights the top 10 words women used to decribe the future of design. The size of each word is dependent on how regularly they appear in the data set: the most frequently used words appear large in scale while those used less frequently appear smaller in scale.