IBM Design Thinking Facilitation

IBM Design Thinking Facilitation
Making Design Thinking Accessible for 380,000 IBMers

Facilitation is a skill set greatly needed at IBM – to transform the business and the way teams work with IBM Design Thinking. Facilitators educate new Design Thinkers, enable teams to reach great outcomes, and advance the understanding of IBM Design Thinking and Design practices across IBM.

Since the introduction of IBM Design and IBM Design Thinking to the global organisation, design facilitation has become fundamental to teams across IBM. Many employees, however, are unfamiliar with Design and Design Thinking methodologies. This internal platform acts as an educational resource for IBM teams and individuals who want to learn more about Design Thinking.

From one single location, IBMers can access necessary resources needed to learn about Design Thinking; deliver a workshop; enroll in Design Thinking education; or request a facilitator for upcoming engagements.

Role: UX / UI Lead