Insects — Food of the Future

What is a delicacy? Something fowl to one might be appetising to another but more importantly, how will our feeding habits have to change in order to create a truly sustainable world. Lara challenges the idea and concept of western society's food and promotes insects farming as a better source of food, both for nutrition and environmental — TEDx Talks

éntomo is an education platform and new food brand that encourages people to explore insects as an exciting, nutritious and sustainable food source for the twenty-first century. As the global population increases and climate change continues to threaten our planet, we will need a more sustainable way to feed the world. For western urban-centric societies to sustain – environmentally and economically – viable models of food production we require new answers to these “wicked problems” that we are all faced with. éntomo challenges the cultural prejudices linked with eating insects in an effort to create a more sustainable, nutritious and novel lifestyle for western society.

As designer and founder of éntomo, I was (2013–18) responsible for the creative direction, web design, graphic design and illustration, food photography, social media, content strategy, and brand development.

This project received the New Star Award at the Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talents in China, in association with UNESCO Creative Cities Network. www.szday.org → éntomo was previously featured by Dezeen magazine, Silicon Republic, and exhibited at Milan Design Week 2015, Global Irish Design Challenge 2016.

Visit http://www.entomoproject.eu/ →
éntomo case study by Bloomsbury Publishing 2016